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VDC (1982–2012)

VDC, Voris Dixon Cycles, also made frames for other companies

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Voris Dixon Company

Voris Dixon originally got started in BMX by sponsoring riders through his bicycle shop in Anaheim, Ca. circa the mid 70’s.  The team consisted of approximately seven riders and carried the Bikeland name which was the name of the Bicycle shop where Voris was part owner.  The team mainly raced at Western Sports Arama in Anaheim, CA.

Voris then teamed with Vaughn Bandoian of Executive Tool (a metal stamping and fabrication company) and formed B&D Sales (Bandoian& Dixon).  The first product was a 17 tooth sprocket to fit Bendix hubs.   At the time, Bendix did not make a 17T sprocket and many riders thought this was the magic missing sprocket that would create the optimum gear ratio.  
Products included the: fluted aluminum seat post, pedal extenders, spinfree hub and others.

B & D Sales made many metal stampings (dropouts etc.) for the BMX industry.   

Voris Dixon Company (VDC) was started circa 1978 by Voris Dixon in Santa Ana, CA

DC manufactured frames, forks, handlebars, seat posts and additional parts for several companies (National Pro, Traker, Vector, Two Wheeler, Hutch, Powerlite and Robinson to name a few) before starting their own line which included the 20” mini (Chimp), 20” pro (Changa), and the 24” (Gorila). The VDC frames featured a unique dual head tube piercing design and used a 5" head tube with a road bike sized headset. Although the Changa is the most well know product of VDC, the company actually made most of it’s’ revenue as an outsource shop for other companies. VDC made a large variety of BMX and cruiser components, including sealed bottom brackets, alloy bars, alloy seat posts, lay back 4130 seat posts, forks and pedal cage extension kits.