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TNT Bicycles (1986–2023)

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TNT made several distinctive frames.

1991 Ad Invert July of 1991: 

The TNT Pro & Pro XL f/f are made of 100% cromoly from end to end with Hi-Performance Geometry & reinforced dropouts to eliminate flex. This gives you better gate starts -the most important part of racing. The TNT frame is a tough competitor on the BMX circuit. Now you can get the edge on your competition, too.

Model's Made: 

TNT Pro, TNT Pro XL, TNT mini, TNT C-Four, Super Fong, Hwa Fong Daddy, Longfellow XXL,
TNT Derringer hub.
Durable, High Quality, Precision, High Performance, Flip Flop, Bright Dipped & anodized for long life, Equipped with Hollow or Solid Axles, Available in 28 and 36 hole patterns. Made in the USA.

From the 6 ounce Mini to the Pro XL you can see the quality workmanship that goes into every TNT stem. Our superstrong stems are made from aircraft quality aluminium and are designed to clamp tight. Every cromoly shaft is press fitted into the neck at 4,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure. Each neck is individually inspected and tested in our Quality Control Room for any defects or imperfections. TNT stems are the only ones that are guaranteed 100% against breakage or they will be replaced for free.
From left to eight: Cruiser, Pro XL, Pro, Freestyle, Junior, Mini [not pictured Pro XXL stem]

Seat clamp:
The TNT seat clamp doubles the holding power by using two bolts, instead of only one like most conventional clamps. The result? Maximum stability and strength. machined from high tensile strength aluminium, all TNT seat clamps are also chrome plated for added performance and long life.  tnt stems 1991

1994 Ride BMX UK april 1994: TNT's new line-up of frames now all come with ACS brake mounts brazed on, and they are currently testing a new jumping frame. The frames are now also made by TNT themselves in their new factory in New Jersey (previous TNT frames were made by GT)
2000    Mark Zalewski liquide TNT en 2000.

Legendary BMX manufacturer & Factory Team Owner, Mark Zalewski sent us some spy photos of the TNT Derringer & TNT Revolver sealed hubsets, as well as their hot NEW LOGO. With the success that TNT has had in the past with their full line of products (Hubs, Stems, Handlebars, Seat Clamps, & Framesets), Mark who still loves BMX has had the desire to begin manufacturing TNT products again, and he's come up with some winners. "Back In The Day", TNT's line of products was some of the highest quality parts on the track in the 80's to 90's time period in BMX and Mark sponsored some great riders (The Foster Brothers among many, many others.) and his team was a fixture at East Coast races in the U.S. with a high profile and always making an impact on the track.

According to Mark, "I really wanted to bring back the hubsets initially because they were such a staple in the sport of BMX. These hubs have won so many races, and I'm proud to reintroduce them." The new hubs are sweet looking, and we know that they'll perform like no other with Mark behind the development. Mark is an Old/Mid School BMXer who believes in the grassroots of BMX, and is a guy who 'knows his BMX', so you'll be able to expect high quality and high performance from these storied hubs.

Mark Zalewski (TNT Bicycles) email: