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July 27, 2018..

G’day Gary hope you are well. I have just announced I’m kickstarting Johnny Chopper again and hopefully here to stay for a long time!

A bit about Johnny - Johnny Chopper was started by myself and trademarked in 1995 when I used to produce custom chopper bicycles, started collecting OSBMX parts and do the odd motorcycle and car customizing. Chopper bicycles were only made part time and there is less than 20 in existence which were made from 1995 to 1999. The Johnny Chopper name wasn't seen again in the bicycle world until 2007 when I started fabricating replica OSBMX parts that were hard to find and also started fabricating new school race parts. This grew into a large inventory of replica and retro parts and frame sets over 3 years and my own line of race parts including frames, forks, bars and cranks all of which were proudly made by myself in Australia. I will continue to keep the trademarked name Johnny Chopper


To all customers past and present, Thank you all so much for your support and patience over the last 3 years to help Johnny Chopper become the brand it is. I hope you all hang onto your JC parts and cash in, in 20 years time on ebay or whatever is around then. It would be great if some JC parts become collectable at some stage as there was never any large numbers of anything produced and a lot of custom and one off projects have been made. I will be updating my website over the next 2 months with all the info I can give on numbers of items produced, serial #s, colours, team info etc. It will be in a printable format and I urge anyone interested to print out or copy and paste the info for future reference and I of course will have copies.


Other products I will be continuing to sell Stealth hubs (True Precision) and SNAP BMX Products.


JC owners If you own a JC bike whether it be Race, retro or replica please consider submitting it to the Johnny Chopper section on 

I will be contacting GAry at the museum in the near future with parts pics and JC info for his site.








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