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1983 SE Racing P.K. Ripper

1983 SE Racing P.K. Ripper

My original bike from back in the day!!

I bought this bike NOS in the box when i was 13 years old in 1993!  I turned wrenches a little bit at my local bike shop.  I went in one day to grab some BMX goodies and the owner said that they were changing owners and everything old had to go! When I pulled the frame out of the box (the box looked like it was used as a coffee table..I threw it out minutes after getting it home...ugh!) I have never seen a bike with "flat" tubing, let alone a black bike with gold decals!!  I paid $50 for it and ran home to build it.  Well it was 1993 so i built it up with all 90's parts...ewww!  I spent alot of time riding dirt, cruising the streets and polishing it up!  I got my license when I turned 17 and the PK got put in the garage attic to be forgotton about.  One day my father and I were working on one of his old cars and I had to go to the attic, there she was all dusty and cobwebbed up.  I cleaned her up and slapped her on ebay (what does a 17/18 year kid need a bike for???) It never sold on ebay so I searched around the internet and found old BMX sites and got HOOKED.....BAD!!!  I now was on a mission to build her correct and NEVER EVER INTEND TO SELL!!

here is a parts breakdown:

Original Finsh and stickered Looptail PK RIPPER Frame

Unstamped Landing Gear Fork

NOS Tange MX-3 Headset with Tange headset lock

NICE Used Gold Tuf Neck

NOS SE Bars (with EARLY Sticker)

NOS Ame CAM Grips in Black

NOS SE Padset

NOS 13/16 SE Post

NOS ACS seatpost clamp in gold

NOS F&R MX-1000 Brake Calipers

NOS Skyway Pro pads F&R

NOS TerryCable Brake cables

NICE Used Comp II tires (fat and skinny combo)

USED but original to the bike since day one Mongoose Proclass hoops lace to original orange sealed Bullseye hubs

USED 401 flight cranks

NOS 45 tooth Redline Chainwheel

USED Tange loose BB

USED Shimano DX pedals

NOS Izumi Chain (gold/chrome)



Original SE Jersey

Original SE Wing Thing (goes on your arm to make you faster!!!)

Original SE gloves

Original SE Hat

The ORIGINAL SE Warranty card