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2008 SE Racing Quadangle

2008 SE Racing Quadangle

Built Wife A Retro

Lately, the wife has been bugging to tag along on some of our rides with my son. Was always picking a different bike in our stable and couldn't understand why I wouldn't allow her to ride certain bikes I had. So I spotted/sniped a package deal of a FF, bars pedals and cranks off the Bay. Looked to be powder coated Pink and built her up with some spare parts laying around. She really liked the way it turned out and says she has to get a matching pink helmet now. 

2008 SE Racing Quadangle 
Landing Gear Fork
Unknown cranks 170, possibly SE Racing
VP Pedals
Redline BB
Kmc Chain
Unknown Bars, possibly SE Racing
SE Racing Seat, Stem
Pork Chop Post, Clamp
Promax Headset
Ame Grips
Araya 7X rims, Sunshine hubs
Shimano 17T  Free Wheel
Pro Neck 45T Chain Ring
Profile Spider
Answer V Brake and Lever