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1987 Schwinn Predator Gremlin 16

1987 Schwinn Predator Gremlin 16

Predator Gremlin

I picked this up awhile ago, took me over a year before I got around to this project. It was slathered in layer after layer of cheap red spray paint, had green overspray on the rims and spokes and everything silver or chrome looked awful. I really need to start taking before pics when taking on a project like this. I cleaned and polished the wheels and added newer tires. It had a cheap crank off some garbage bicycle so I replaced it with what it came with originally. Schwinn stamped bottom bracket for the crank assembly. 

Once I got the frame and fork free of paint I gave it a proper priming. The Regal Gloss Blue I used came out great in my opinion. Decals came from various vendors on eBay. 
Built as a Christmas gift for my youngest. He demanded hand brakes which I found entertaining so I said f*** it and gave him some. 
  • Pit Bike
  • Company: Schwinn
  • Model: Gremlin
  • Wheel Size: 16"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Kenda 16×1.75 comp3's Fu pao 4 1/2opc C star T-rex rear sidepull brake