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1986 Redline RL-20a

1986 Redline RL-20a

REDLINE RL-20A My New Rider..........

1986 TEAL REDLINE RL-20a, custom build.  While on the never ending hunt for parts, I saw this frame and fork set and she was to pretty to pass up, and the same color as my RL-20ii as a kid, so I figured it was the next best thing in the mean time, and would be a good build to prepare me for when I do find my old childhood ride.  Turns out its a small world and the person I got it from is also a member here, thanks HOKESONE.  After a few months of searching the Museum and E-Bay, all the pieces to this puzzle were finally in my hands and now it's finally time to get them all together.  I've been going back and forth on the tire color, I might decide to go with a black pair of  S/T's down the road.  Originally I had planned to use a set of teal NOS Peregrine Masters, but wanted to do something a little different then everyone else's RL-20's & and put my own spin on it and went with a hard to find black pair instead. Even though I plan to make this bike my new every day rider this will also be the first of 12 bikes that will be showcased here at the museum as a part of the "Spector Collection" which will consist of my 12 exotic vintage & retro BMX works of art!!!

Parts list are as follows:

•FRAME & FORK~~~~~1986 Redline RL-20a original paint and decals -----Thanks HOKESONE
•BARS~~~~Redline Forklifter Race bars

•STEM~~~~Black Forklifter Race Stem

•CRANKS~~~~Redline 175mm Flight
•SPROCKET~~~~~Redline 43 Tooth "Bubble Font"
•CHAIN~~~~~~~White Izumi 
•PEDALS~~~~~~Suntour XC-II
•SEAT~~~~~White Dominator Re-pop
•POST~~~~~ALUM 4130 
•CLAMP~~~~~~Suntour Broken Arrow
•PADS~~~~~~Original Redline Pads
•BRAKES~~~~~Original 880's with turquoise font
•LEVERS~~~~~~ TECH 6 (dated 86)
•GRIPS~~~~~~~New Am'e Unitrons
•TIRES~~~~~~White NOS Comp 3's
•WHEELS~~~~~RARE Black Peregrine Masters

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Redline
  • Model: RL-20a
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"