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1984 Rebel Racing General Lee

1984 Rebel Racing General Lee

Stick Tail Rebel Racing General Lee

I bought this bike off a member here after he decided to sell it due to some  personal issues.  He bought this bike brand new and raced it.  When i purchased the bike, he sent me many parts that he used on the bike over the years.  I used some of the original parts and threw in some of my own personal touches.


here is the parts break down:


1984 Rebel Racing General Lee (original chrome and stickers)

USED Flite 'Confederate" padset

USED Blue Dia-Compe hinged clamp

USED VDC seatpost

USED Red Shotgun II seat

USED Blue Pro Neck

USED DK Headset Lock

NOS Blue Cycle Pro Headset

NOS Black SST Dirt Skirt

USED Hutch Expert Bars

NOS Grab-On Grips

USED Blue Shimano DX Brake Lever

NOS 1984 dated Dia-Compe Brake Cable

USED Haro Series One # Plate (grab-on and suntour stickers were the only stickers I personally applied, the rest where on the plate when I aquired it)

NOS Chrome Araya 7x Hoops

NOS Shimano DX hubs (rear is cassette)

NOS 16tooth Suntour Freewheel

NOS Cycle Pro Greg Hill Snakebelly tires (fat/skinny combo)

NOS ABA Rad Kaps

Used Blue MX-1000 caliper

USED Matthauser Curved Brake Pads

USED 180mm Redline 401 Flight Cranks

USED 45 Tooth Redline Chainwheel

USED Blue Shimano DX pedals

NOS Izumi Nickel Chain

Used Hadley Sealed Bottom Bracket


Also Pictured:

NOS Rebel Racing Jersey