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1998 Profile Racing Rocket XL 3-Speed

1998 Profile Racing Rocket XL 3-Speed

1998 Profile Racing - Rocket XL - 3-Speed

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I set out to replicate the bike that was featured in and pictured on the cover of the BMX Plus! March 1998 issue. While I am personally not a big fan of aluminum frames or multi speed bikes in general, I was always quite fascinated by that bike and I found the story behind Profile Racing and Rocket Bicycles to be interesting as well. Profile did not sell these as a complete bike, so the one they built for the 3-Speed article was the closest I figured you could come to a factory restoration.

I had initially hoped to have this project completed, fully operational and posted up on the museum on March 2018 (the 20th anniversary of the article), but that didn't happen exactly as planned. I did acquire all the parts before my deadline, but it ended up taking me a few months to sort out the logistics of the bottom bracket, the crank, the boomerang and getting the 3-speed cogs to line up just right with the chainring and shift perfectly. It was all much more difficult than it looked, or than I ever expected, but I am very happy with the outcome and it all works flawlessly now.

Many of the parts on this bike were very difficult to come by; Profile's 3-Speed driver, derailleur hanger and the boomerang (Chain Guide) were particularly difficult to locate. Profile had discontinued the boomerangs shortly after releasing them because of a cease & desist letter from MRP, and many people told me "you will not find one". (They were optional & sold separately from the 3-speed drivers, and made for euro bottom brackets only) The derailleur hangers are equally, or probably slightly harder to find than the 3-speed drivers (they were sold together in a set), and the version with the winged P logo shown in the article seems to be a rare version of the hanger. 

Frame: 1998 Profile Rocket Pro XL (Red)
Fork: Profile Rocket (Aluminum)
Handlebars: Standard Strip Bars (Chromoly)
Stem: Profile XXL
Headset: Dia-Compe A-Headset made by Tange
Headset Cap: Profile Stem Lock (Black)
Grips: UGP Kung-Fu Grips
Seat:  DK Padded 
Seat Post: Odyssey Intac
Seat Post Clamp: Profile (1-1/4")
Cranks: Profile 3-piece (180mm, Chrome)
Chainring: Profile (46T)
Chainring Bolts: Shimano (Stamped Aluminum)

* Bottom Bracket: Profile (American on the left & Euro w/adapter on the right)
Spider: Profile
Chain: Shimano IG-70
Derailleur Hanger: Profile (Winged P Logo) 
Derailleur: Shimano XTR
Chain Guide: Profile Boomerang
Pedals: DK (9/16", Black)
Front Hub: Profile SS (36H, high flange aluminum shell, alloy axle nuts)
Rear Hub: Profile Cassette (36H, high flange aluminum shell, alloy axle nuts)
Driver: Profile 3-Speed for Shimano Style Cogs
Cogs: Shimano (14T/16T/18T)
Tires: Comp III Rainbow Label (Rear 1.50", Front 1.75")
* Lever: Shimano Deore XT Brake/Shifter (Right)
* Brakes: Shimano Deore XT (Rear)
Brake Cable: Shimano SLR
Shifter Cable: Shimano SLR
Number Plate: Knuckle Bone (In the article, and I have one but is not pictured)


1998 BMX Plus Magazine Article - Profile Rocket 3-Speed System

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