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Metal bikes is: BMX Pro James (Jimmy) Levan's bike company.
(The Louisville Ky. Native) Started officially in 1999, after Jimmys Leaving of S&M bikes.

Jimmy didn't leave s&m before metal he left huffy. And between huffy and metal he rode a standard trailboss. He left s&m in like 96.

David Harrison made the first metals at spooky then they moved to brew.

Metal bikes, makes super high Quality 100% Cro-molly Frames.
(They make Only Frames... you cannot get a Metal complete that i know of..)
Utilizing butted tubing and minimizing weight with small gussets and dropouts..
You can expect to pay between $350.00-$400.00 for a Metal Bikes Frame...
Theese are, rare, expensive, High Quality BMX bikes...
~~ ~~  or Google "Jimmy Levan" for a great interview with Ride bmx.

2017 Update, Movie about Jimmy on the way.

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