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Kuwahara (1972–2016)

Kuwahara, rumored to mean "mulberry meadow" in Japanese?

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Just found the Kuwahara facebook.

The company was started as a small family business in Osaka, Japan in 1918 by Sentar Kuwahara. With his wife & eight children, he began a local bicycle parts wholesaler. In 1925, Kuwahara began to export bicycles & parts to Russia, China & Southeast Asia, closing the business from 1940 to 1945 during World War II. 1959 saw the first delivery of Kuwahara Bikes to the USA. Sentaro Kuwahara died the following year, with his son Masao taking his place.

The first Kuwahara branded bikes for export came in 1972 when it began developing BMX bicycles for the North American, European and Australian markets.

Howie Cohen — who had previously operated West Coast Cycle, importer of Nishiki bikes — founded the company, Everything Bicycles, and worked with Kuwahara to build and import BMX bikes carrying the "Kuwahara" brand name, developing the first major BMX distributorship.To make the Kuwahara brand name a household word, Cohen ran a promotion giving free stickers to children who called a toll-free phone number and could correctly pronounce the brand name. In 1989, Cohen sold the Kuwahara name back to the Japanese parent company.

Famous for the E.T. bicycle. KZ-1, KZ-2, Laserlite & more..

Jamie has already done ALOT of research on this company.

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