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1984 JMC Racing Shadow

1984 JMC Racing Shadow

I rescued this from its orig owner..he was saving it for his son..he had 2 girls!

The guy i got this from was the og owner...he got it when he was 11 from a friend who raced...his friend got a new JMC and gave him this one...K841038 is a 1984 JMC Shadow. Original color was chrome. we Sold it to the Steady Pedaler 11/16/1984. That shop was owned by my good friend Dick Lewis. He is the man we built the special long JMC 3 Wheeler for to try to break the land speed record. Thank you for your interest. Jim Melton

JMC frame

Tange TRX forks

araya 7x w suzue hubs

db pro bars(turbo)

pro neck

uni seat/post

sugino Cr-Mo cranks

PPP sprocket

sugino spider

hkk smoker chain

shimano pedals

dia compe 890

OG JMC pads