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1988 Haro Sport

1988 Haro Sport

Now this is a survivor...

Coral Haro Goodness So I got this frame/fork/stem/post last year from Chromey (Big thanks buddy) and it's taken a while to get it rounded out.  There are still a couple things I would like to change up, but it's looking pretty much how I want it at this point. :)
The original finish, chrome and decals on this bad boy are nothing short of AMAZING.  The best description I have heard for it was a "time capsule".   Seeing the color in person will make a grown man cry and small children run in fear.  It changes color to the eye in different light.  Sometimes it looks more red and brilliant, outside it tends to wash out a bit and looks like a lighter orange/peach color.  I am really stoked with the way this one turned out.  The only major modification I plan to make at some point is to put some Peregrine cranks on it.  But I figure these RL's will do the trick for now.  I had been trying to hunt down a legit OG team disc for a LONG time and finally made that happen a few months ago and I think it really found a good home on this bike and took it up a notch.  I had black Peregrine Masters on it and it looked tough.  However, since it was going to it's maiden voyage recently and ultimately needed to be ready to "ride" and not just cruise, the wheels and tires were swapped to Peregrine Super Pros and Primo V2 V Monsters.  Honestly, I just can't change it back.  It looks to friggin' sweet and as much as I like how mags look, I can't ride them and not worry about crushing them. The decals on the RL cranks are repops.  The rear cable is new and the KMC chain is new.  The bars have been stripped of paint and decals, but OG chrome.  Off hand I believe everything else you are looking at is OG finish and era correct.  One a side note, that laid back coral post was PERFECT when i got it.  SO beautiful, until one fateful day I scratched the HELL out of it and scraped the paint off the side.  Many tools were thrown and I said many things I will most likely do time in purgatory for.  I almost replaced it when another popped up, but now i wear that post with pride to remind me not to make stupid mistakes and hurry when building up a bike.  The frame actually has a late 1987 serial number making it an early 88 frame set and it's "Sporting" a chrome fork vs. a painted one.  Which I love as I do loves me some chrome.  Additionally, this is a legit 88 and not an 88.5 so it's still rolling with the awesome 990 mounts which are such a plus and a bad thing to shed from these awesome frame sets in the years to come.

So, this is pretty much it.  The Coral 88 Sport.

Frame/Fork/Post: 1988 Haro Sport OG Finish
Sprocket: Haro Team Disc OG Finish
Stem: Team Stem OG Finish
1st gen Kneesavers stripped of finish down to chrome
Wheels: Peregrine Super Pros
Levers: Peregrine Locking
Front Brake:
Dia Compe Nippon 

Rear Brake:
Dia Compe 87 stamped 990

Single Pinch full wrap Redline Flights w/OG hardware

Shimano PDMX15
Grips: Bubble font AME grips
Early mid school GT steel pegs for guilt free riding :)
Detangler: 1st gen Gyro and cables OG decals

Seat Clamp:
Saddle: Dominator old school not Repop
KMC 410 

Submitted by DarthBatman

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Sport
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"