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1987 Haro Sport

1987 Haro Sport

So here is my 87 Haro Sport that used to be the custom green color re-done as the factory white instead.  This is originally the color I was going to build this bike as when I bought it from .  When I first built this bike I powdered it bright green but I always felt that I kind of went over board on the blue components so I decided to tame it down a bit.  I decided to keep it simple this time.


I decided to upgrade a few things and get rid of a few things.  I decided to simplify things by going with a 86 Sugino one piece crank that I had re-chromed and topped them off with some NOS Shimano PD-MX15 pedals.  I also upgraded the tires to Haro Directional 1.75" all black tires and a NOS fluted seat post as well.  I was never happy with the kneesavers so I decide to go with some new school chrome bars that I picked up from Justin (porkchoppz).  I had the decal set printed on clear by AJ because I like decals printed on clear and I also wanted a Team decal as well.  I got rid of a lot of the blue components like the grips, the chain and also had the Haro stem powdered black as well.  I also decided to powder the forks black because I really like the look of the all black front end with just the top of the bars being chrome.  There is something about that whole color scheme that stands out and has a more bold look to it in my personal opinion.  All of the other parts remain the same from when it was the "green machine".  The only blue components I decided to keep were the seat and the seat post clamp.  I wanted just a touch of blue to tie in with the decals.


This is my first bike I've built with one piece cranks since 1988 and I really like them a lot.  I love the simplicity of them and the way they feel when you ride them.  They also lightened the bike up quite a bit which is nice touch.  Oh, almost forgot that I also added some ARAYA rim decals to the Rhino Lite rims.  I removed the Rhino decals and added some old school flair to them which are the same colors as the frame so it seemed like a natural finishing touch.


It rides good, it's lighter, less flashy and I'm much happier with this build.

  • Street / Vert
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Sport
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"