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2002 Haro Mirra Flair

2002 Haro Mirra Flair

Built 5/19/2021

I built one of these (540) back in 99 and decided to do it again. Built from the frame up with mostly NOS or mint parts it turned into a monster. I intended on powder coating the frame black but at the last minute stayed with original paint. I know the decals are wrong and it does have a few repop parts but I love it and ride it everyday. Thanks for looking.

Frame- 2002 Haro Mirra  Flair (99-00 540 Decals)
Forks- 99 Haro Mega Forks
Bars- Mirra Pro bars 
Stem- Haro big block
Headset- Primo Gorilla bottom cup / Tange top cup 
Detangler- SST ORGY
Grips- ODI Vans
Bars ends- Odyssey 
Brake lever- Dia Comp tech 77
Brakes- Dia Comp 990
Wheels- Araya RB-J1’s laced with Odyssey Hazard cassette hubs 16T
Tires- Haro Multisurface3 whitewall w/Specialized tubes and clear dice valve caps 
Cranks- Profile retro anniversary box cranks 180mm
Chain wheel- Haro Mega Nuke 45T
Pedals- Primo Super Tenderizer 
Chain- KMC 410H
Chain tensors- Haro 14mm
Seat- Haro Mirra Tribute 
Seat Post- 2001 Haro S351 S/Pillar RAW
Seat post clamp- Haro double clamp 

Submitted by 4Boogie

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Mirra Flair
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"