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1988 GT Ricochet

1988 GT Ricochet

One year made trials BMX bike

Got this bike off franka and couldn't be more stoked. I grew up around trials motorcycles, my dad went to a bi-yearly meet down in Ohio Valley and this past year I tagged along. I saw a kid riding a newer setup with disc brakes, and I tried it for myself and really enjoyed it. Next thing I know this GT pops up, and I had to grab it. 

I had some of the parts, and a lot of them have been modified to work. The cracks are Black Widows someone cut down and retapped, whoever did it was really good at what they are doing because they are solid as a normal set. The seatpost was made by nasty is nate, it's a 22.2 post with a 25.4 pivotal post welded to the top. 
I went with AME half waffle grips and a D.I.D. chain to pay homage to the motorcycles these bicycles were built after.
The wheels are bullet proof sealed wheels laced to Sun BFRs, the tires are Mitsubishi Trials Comps.