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2013 GT Pro Series Pro-XL

2013 GT Pro Series Pro-XL

2013 GT Pro Series Pro-XL - Excellent right out of the box, but added a few old-school styling cues anyway.

With my Proline having been stolen (the one here in the museum - still bummed about that), I needed to find a new daily rider.  My son made up my mind on this one as it meant, since he picked up an Expert-size Pro Series to replace his outgrown Jr.-size Power Series, we'd have matching bikes (see last photo).


This one was excellent right out of the box, but I still decided to swap out the bars for Supercross Flatlines with A'ME Unitrons, the seat for a Kashimax, the pedals for reproduction bear traps, and tires for some skinwall Comp IIIs.



Unfortunately, two years after my 2011 Redline Proline was stolen, this one was as well, again from some dirtbag who broke into my building's parking garage.  Just in case it should turn up for sale somewhere and a prospective owner should try a Google search of the bike's serial number - SNMNG12H58804 - please be aware that this bike has been reported stolen to the Kirkland (Washington) Police department.

Submitted by Gylles Smyth