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1998 GT Tour

1998 GT Tour

1998 GT Tour - Midschool Cool Freestyler with SDBMX Cyclone Mags in Red

Whilst most of my collection are 80's to early 90's, I developed a soft spot for the 1998 GT Show and GT Tour Freestyle with their unique design, especially the pac-man drop outs; and bullet proof construction. I finally got my hands on a clean 1998 Tour survivor frame and fork set up from the USA and being amongst the last of the quality U.S. made GT's and the continuation of the GT Pro Freestyle Tour model line up, I thought it would compliment my '87 and '91 PFT's.


The build started nearly 2 years back in which I've been slowly collecting parts and through some hurdles, educating myself with mid-school components etc.


My biggest hurdle was figuring how the threadless fork set up worked as there was no star nut in the fork tube (which having never done a threadless set up before was a head &^%). The next hurdle was getting the FSA Pig Pro Headset, whilst I knew what I want, all of the ebay stores kept sending me the wrong set (not gyro friendly) as they had the wrong stock photo from the manufacturer. It ended up taking 5 months and 4 returns before I got the right one - very frustrating.


The theme with this build was a mild custom using the key top end GT parts of the era and upgrading to running smooth sealed bearings for all mechanisms. Of course, I've used SDBMX mag wheels, the Cyclone model, but I also have a set of NOS GT Mohawk Sealed Hubs and Araya rims stashed away.

Check out the build thread here:

Frame: 1998 GT Tour with Pac-Man Drop outs [OG]
Forks: 1998 GT Tour with Pac-Man Drop outs [OG]
Decals: 1998 GT Tour [OG]
Wheels: SDBMX Red Cylcone Wheels [New]
Tyres: Kenda Red Wall Freestyle [New]
Chain: KMC Z Chain [New]
Sprocket: GT USA-Made Alloy Fly Cutter Sprocket [NOS]
Cranks: GT Show Cranks with FSA BB [NOS]
Pedals: SNAFU Anorexic Pedals [NOS]
Seat Post Clamp: N/A
Seat Post: GT Racing Seat Post with Aluminum Guts [NOS]
Seat: GT Power Series Race Drop Nose [NOS]
Headset: FSA Pig Pro Headset Sealed [NOS]
Stem: GT USA-Made XL Piston Stem [NOS]
Detangler: SNAFU Mobeus with SNAFU Gyro Plate [NEW]
Cables: SNAFU Astroglide [NEW]
Handlebars: GT Vert Bars [NOS]
Grips: GT Cam with GT Tour Aluminium Ends [NOS]
Levers: Dia-Compe Tech-99's / Dirty Harry's [New]
Front Caliper: Dia-Compe AD 990 [New]
Rear Caliper: Dia-Compe AD 990 [New]
Pegs: GT Tube Pegs [NOS]

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: GT Bicycles
  • Model: Tour
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"