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1991 GT Performer

1991 GT Performer

Original "White with Black Spider Web" finish.

This bike has a cool OG "splatter" finish, which they called "White with Black Spider Web", and I think it's pretty cool... for a GT.  :P

It was in need of some serious cosmetic TLC when I picked it up.  Everything was spray-bombed white, including the mags, pedals, seat, bars, etc.... and it wasn't the best rattle can job I'd ever seen.  My son and I spent countless hours over the Christmas/New Year's break removing the paint, cleaning her up, repainting some parts, and reassembling it.  We cleaned everything.... all the way down to repacking the pedals.  It was a ton of work, but it was good quality time with the boy!  :D

 Here's a link to the clean-up thread if you want to see how it evolved -->


The frame/fork/bars/post are all original finish/decals and are in respectable survivor condition.  No cracks, dents, dings, etc.... it's in good structural shape.  The other white parts are spray painted white.  Most everything is original to the bike, but it's got new tubes, tires (Duro freestyle), and grips (NOS Toadstools).