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1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model

1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model

(Martin Aprijo Replica) Aprijo replica restored to perfection.

1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour "Martin Aparijo replica". this is an exact replica, every part is in absolute pristine condition.



87 PFT frame set, with gyro cable tab on the down tube. this was a 4 piece matching set in barely used condition before I powdered it.  

86 GT seat, excellent survivor seat.

85 GT clamp, restored.

GT mallet stem, restored with all original hardware.

Ame bubble font grips with no end flange, NOS impossible to find.

dia-compe tech 7 levers, restored.

dia-compe allen head Nippon front brake W/ 85 block type pads, restored with NOS pads.

dia-compe 990 rear brake W/87 pads, restored with NOS pads.

odyssey gyro, restored with NOS cables.

GT epoch headset, white parts are powdered, original engraved cap.

1st gen GT superlace hubs, re chromed.

ukai 7C hoops, re anodized.

asahi chrome spokes, NOS.

GT frame & fork standers, restored.

GT shinko tires, looked to have been ridden once or twice still has release powder and a few nubbies intact.

GT power series cranks, re anodized all parts are in mint condition.

GT disc/chainring, dics lightly polished, chainring was NOS but the teeth were tapped off and it was powdered white, NOS bolts.

izumi chain, slotted black/white (the picture shows the wrong chain, but the correct chain is on the bike) NOS.

VP 500 pedals, was NOS blue but I had them powdered.