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1987 GT Pro Performer

1987 GT Pro Performer

Oldschool meets mid/new school. My dookie/rootbeer brown flat rider.

 I was inspired by the odyssey rootbeer pedals, this was the result & it rides great. 

Frame: 87 GT Pro Performer

Fork: Homeless threaded with factory 990 mounts

Bars: Odyssey Freestyle, these are some big bastards at 29" across

Stem: GT Mallet

Seatpost Clamp: GT double clamp

Seatpost: Zip post

Seat: Some generic midschool deal, very comfy after using a Kashi handler for the last 2 years lol

Crank: Primo Hollowbites with 43 hollow bolts in ano blue. Love these!

Chainring: Graveyard 28t

Pedals: Odyssey PC in Rootbeer Brown

Pegs: Front are old pulse with griptape, rear are Hoffman Day Smiths

Brake Levers: Dia Compe mountainbike versions of Tech 5's, they are angled forward more so you get a bigger pull (better braking) & have some factory drilled holes in them. Really killer levers! Oh yeah they have spring assisted return as well.

Front Brake: Odyssey Evo

Rear Brake: Odyssey Evo II  I did a little custom routing for the cables on the BB, they work sooo nice.

Rims: Chrome Sun 48's

Hubs: Sealed DK front, Freecoaster with 12t cog in rear

Tires: Odyssey Freq. G 1.75

Chain: Izumi chrome with one half link.

Gyro: Odyssey GTX