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1985 GT Mach One

1985 GT Mach One

My Old School Racer - Reborn

This is my personal old school racer. Ive owned this bike since 3rd grade. I raced it locally and through the state series back in the day. My dad kept this up in his attic after I got out of the sport and brought it by my place about a year and a half ago. It broke my hear to see the shape it was in so I started looking for all the cool parts that I always wanted as a kid thinking that "Ha, Im an adult with a job now, I can buy all those cool parts that my parents would never buy me..". Then I saw how much stuff has appreciated in value and started kicking my own ass for not keeping more of the stuff I had.

So 18 mos later here she is..

1985 GT Mach 1 Frame (Unk fork)
GT Megabites (F&R 1.75)
GT Power Series Crank (180mm)
GT Winged Power Disc
GT 44t Chainring
GT Chainbolts
GT Hubs
GT Round Logo Grips
GT Epoch self adjusting headset
GT Bars
GT Seatpost
GT Winged Seat clamp
VP Cloverleaf Pedals (6 screw cages)
Tuf Neck Stem
Dyna Viscount Seat

Dia Compe MX 1000's
Dia Compe Lever