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1987 GT JR Performer 16

1987 GT JR Performer 16

SER# GH87xxxx

Here is a 1987 GT JR Performer that seems to be all original but the weird thing is that it has 1989 decals,

I got this from the original owner who purchased it for his daughter in 1990 for Xmas and he said this is the way he got it from the bike shop. It still has the Shop Decal

which is still in business down the street from his home, J&M bike shop in Bell Gardens CA on Florence & Garfield AVE.  I added a mallet and new tires.

The seat post had been repainted black so I stripped it and polished it up a bit. Not sure if the decals where placed on the bike by the factory or the bike shop? Who knows, my daughter loves it and that is all that matters to me.