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1988 GT Pro Series 24

1988 GT Pro Series 24

Here is my 1988 GT Cruiser. *Sold*

Parts List:

1988 GT Pro Series 24

24" Arayas with Suzue sealed bearing hubs

24" Tioga Comp III Skinwalls

GT Cruiser Bars

Pro Neck Inverted Cruiser stem (repop, from diamondbackexc)

Tioga Headset

GT AME Triangle Grips

Odyssey 1999 Brakes

GT Pads (repop, except for the stem pad, that one is nos)

With those GT repop pads...  Ive seen alot of them out there. The stem pad that comes with them stinks. The inner padding should be replaced as well.

If you do this the pads are nice and snug on the frame and bars and stay in place as they should. Stem pad should be replaced from repop set.

NOS GT Seatpost


GT Winged seat clamp

Redline Monster Crank

One off home made power disc

GT 44t Chainring

NOS Tioga Chainbolts

NOS Odyssey Triple Trap Pedals

KMC Chain

Suntour 16t Freewheel