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1983 GT Expert

1983 GT Expert

Ride #5 - Racing, Dialed In

Okay, I decided to pick up this Expert size racer, either for 'lil Sis to ride with big Bro (on his '84 GT Pro).....or maybe, just's a better dialed in racer for big Bro?  He's 11...and I realize now the bikes I've built him so far are the size I was riding @ 15.  Okay for every day riding, but too big for the track.  Took him to the track yesterday on this a difference.  He'll be going at it on this Expert this year.  Specs ("CP" = (Current Production)):


-'83 GT Expert F/F, non-drilled forks (but...unfortunately...home drilled), "Nora Cup" winner

-CP A'me Tri grips

~'83 Hutch Expert bars

~'92 DK stem

-CP Tioga Beartrap 2 headset

~'83 Ukai 1-3/8" rims, CP DT Swiss SS spokes, CP spoke nipples, ~'83 Suzue Sealed Bearing hubs

~'85(?) Tioga Comp III, rainbow label, skinwall tires, 1-3/8"

-'10 Shimano SF MX330 chrome freewheel (17 tooth)

-CP KMC Z710SL chain

-'84 Sugino one piece cranks (165 mm), ~'83 Sugino spider, ~'83 Tuf Neck chainwheel (43 tooth)

~'83 Tange 28 TPI BB

-'84 Victor 1st gen "XC II style" pedals with homemade cages

~'84 Uni seat

-CP Porkchop seat post clamp ("Dia Compe style)

-'10 'Dia Compe 730 brakes + ~'82 Dia Compe Tech 2 lever