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1984 GT Team Series

1984 GT Team Series

Not your everyday GT Racer!!

I bought this bike from a old friend I used to ride with back in the day!! I was surprised he still had it.  After aquiring it, I wanted to build something a little more STOCK then custom.  I built it as close as I could to the 84 GT Catalog but mixed in a few personal touches!


here is a parts breadown!

1984 GT Team Series F&F

original Chome with AJK Reproduction decals

USED Chome Tuf Neck (should be a SR to be catalog correct)

NOS Ukai Speedline Hoops

NOS ACS High Flange Hubs (should be a SR to be catalog correct)


NOS fat/skinny GT SHINKO tires

NOS Tuf Neck Chrome Power Disc

USED Blue Petes Precision 43 chainring

NOS SR Speed Trap Pedals

NOS Petes Precision BB

NOS Izumi Chain (blue/chrome)

USED MX-1000 in blue with tech 3 lever (NOS blue Cali lite brake lever cover)

USED Matthauser brake pads

NOS GT BMX seat in blue

NOS GT Layback Seatpost

OLD GT racer Kevin Hull GT Padset

USED GT Pro Bars

NOS SR seatpost clamp

NOS SR Tubular 175mm one piece crank

NOS Cycle Pro headet in blue

NOS Tuf Neck stem stiffener in gold



GT Helmet

NOS GT Jersey

GT Carry-on bag