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1991 GT Performer

1991 GT Performer


So I named this build ``Just a 3 Dressed Up as a 9`` because of all the work that went into it`s awesome transformation from a 91 Performer frame and fork originally purchased from Tacomaster in early December of 2008 to a magnificent 1988 PFT Team Model. So I started out with a simple 91 Performer frame and fork and went to work. I originally wanted to re-create a 1989 PFT in chrome but decided to do a 1988 PFT instead because after I got the 89 decals printed I wasn`t to keen on the busy graphics.


I really like rear 990`s so I welded some on and also welded in a lower rear reinforcement x-member bar to soak up some of the rear triangle flex that the powerful 990 would create during braking. I also had to drill and tap the seat post tube to run the rear Gyro cable. After that was completed I had to weld on a downtube cable guide to keep the lower Gyro cable in place.


I also wanted to upgrade the forks to the original 88 GT Freestyle forks but finding them is near impossible so I bought some 87-88 GT racing forks instead and welded on a cable guide because they are the spittin`image of the GT freestyle forks (just without the guide). This is a great alternative to overcoming your search for 87-88 freestyle forks if you happen to be trying to find a set.


I also decided to cut off the frames rear coaster brake mount because let`s face it, who uses them anyway. I was able to shave off a little dead weight in the process too which is a cool bonus. I also decided to to cut 1`` in height off the top of the NOS GT layback seat post to bring the seatpost to a more comfortable position for my riding style.


 The 4130 GT handlebars where gently flattened to create a new school backsweep effect which I happen to like a lot more than the old school backsweep that came on the handlebars from this era. (See my restoration thread for details).


 And last but not least I decided to buy a set of Primo Powerbite cranks and filled the logo in with weld. I then polished them up and had them recoated Xtreme Chrome powder coat to re-create some all original GT Power Series reproduction crank arms.


All in all, I found this build to be very satisfying. More so than all the other bikes I have built to date. It was a lot of fun because let`s face it, how many bikes can we build before the fire and enthusiasm starts to die? I needed to do something different, something that fueled my desire to create and I`m stoked about everything that I did on this bike to make it my own custom ride. So as the song by Trooper goes... ìt`s just a 3 dressed up as a 9.



Parts Breakdown List:


 91 GT Performer frame (reconditioned)

 87-88 GT Race Fork with welded on cable guide (reconditioned)

 Dia Compe Nippon Front brake with GT brake pads (used with new pads)

 Dia Compe Rear 990 U-Brake (new)

 SST Oryg Gyro cables with old school decals (new)

 Odyssey front cable (new)

 GT-AME grips (new)

 Dia Compe Tech 77 locking levers (new)

 GT SR 1985 dated stem (reconditioned)

 GT 4130 bars (reconditioned)

 Odyssey first gen. Gyro with old school decal (reconditioned with new decal)

 GT Epoch upper headset with generic lower cup, race and bearing (reconditioned)

 GT seat clamp with old school decal (reconditioned)

 GT seat post (new)

 GT seat (new)

 GT Airbag 1.95 tires (new)

 GT 48 hole high flange Mohawk hubs (new)

 Araya Super 7X double wall rims with old school decals (new)

 Primo Powerbite cranks and 22.2mm bottom bracket (new)

 GT Power Disc (new)

 GT fork standers (new)

 GT frame standers (new)

 MCS 39 tooth chainring (new)

 ACS 16 tooth rear driver (new)

 Wellgo pedals (new)

 Dans Comp Tubes (new)

 IZUMI black 1/2" X 1/8" chain (new)


Miscellaneous details:

Frame and fork and handlebars powder coated Tiger Drylac Standard Silver.

All gloss black components powder coated Tiger Drylac Midnight Black.

Crank arms powder coated Tiger Drylac Xtreme Chrome.

Frame and Fork decals from


All parts aquired from E-Bay and the awesome members here at bmxmuseum.


Here is the link to my restoration thread where I posted every detail step by step as it happened at my shop.


And here is the link for those who have no idea what song I'm referring to...

You'll get more of a feel for it if you open up another tab and listen to the song as your reading and viewing this thread. 



  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: GT Bicycles
  • Model: Performer
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 19``
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Chromo main tubes