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1986 GT Performer

1986 GT Performer

My childhood bike

My beloved 86 Performer was stolen at K-Mart in the fall of 1988, this ending my “illustrious freestyle career”. I have come close to replicating what I had, but I had to add the mallet stem. My daughter and I share this bike as she’s moving up from an 18” SE.

Frame is 4130 stamped and the fork has right and left cable guides.

The GT tires, Superlace wheel set and bars are repop. The chain and A’me grips are modern production. Everything else is old school. The seat is from the early 90’s. I’ll pick up an OG GT BMX seat one day. I like the 87 clamp because it goes better with the Odyssey brakes than the SR clamp from 86. The mallet stem is from the 80’a. 

Glad to have this bike back in the stable!

Submitted by FreestylinFrank