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Evolution Bike Co.(2006–2010)

Hello: This is Shane Jackson the creator of Evolution Bike Co. “NEANDERTHAL” BMX race frame. I came up with the frame design from drag racing technology, and my many years of racing different bicycle frames. I believe in math formulas and what it can do for you when faced with an old design of frames that have been around for years. Also our name say's it all "EVOLUTION BIKE COMPANY". In Evolution things change and evolve all the time, which brings us to the name of the frame, the "NEANDERTHAL". My frame is stout and light but very ridged, this is why we named it this. It has a very short rear end at 14.75" from center to center. This allows you to manual very easily as well as the special patent pending down tube to the bottom bracket, this also gives you a stiff feel to the bike to help you with power transfer and also gate starts as well. Happy racing, Shane Jackson “Evolution Bike Co.”

Evolution Bike Co. offers a full line of BMX, FREERIDING, DOWNHILL, SINGLE SPEED, parts, apperal, and acssessory's to choose from. Some of these products are, Intense BIKES, SE BIKES, AZONIC, GSR BIKES, Sinz, White Ind., D/T Swiss, FMF, Fly, Profile racing, MRP, Dangerboy TSG, White Brothers, SiXSIXONE Protection. to order E-MAIL us @ and/or call us @ (770) 926-7377, and ask for Shane Jackson. Thank you for your intrest in EVOLUTION BIKE CO.
1508 Dupree rd.
Woodstock Georgia, 30189 or visit us @
Thank you, for your Intrest in Evolution Bike Co.