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1979 Emory Super de Luxe 26

1979 Emory Super de Luxe 26

A real "beach cruiser".

I bought this bike as a frame and fork over on ratrodbikes. Its a lot like a Worksman but with a slightly different frame style and a lot better paint scheme. It came with a lot of Ashtabula parts like the fork, stem, and cranks ( different cranks on now). Everything on it except the frame, fork, headset, and chainring; I found laying around my garage. I wanted it to look like it came straight from a bike shop on the beach in the 80's. So I added the foam handlebar pads, reflectors, and an 80's beach cruiser seat. Its one of my best "original paint" bikes and I'm really looking forward to cruising on it this summer. It's bikes like this that make me want to move out of Kansas and live somewhere closer to water.     

Submitted by KickBackCycles

  • Non-BMX
  • Company: Emory
  • Model: Super de Luxe
  • Wheel Size: 26"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Steel frame, looks MIG welded; Ashtabula fork and stem; Chrome steel wheels; Wald chainring and handlebars; Persons beach cruiser saddle; Bike was handmade in Jacksonville, FL.