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1987 ELF Junior Cruiser 24

1987 ELF Junior Cruiser 24

Ride #7, Gigantic Hummingbird - one for Josh & Jordan to share

Stumbled on to this one, and decided it was a keeper.  It's rather unique as the original owner (a racer) hand picked unique parts for light weight and speed.  I only switched the original black MX1000 for a white one, replaced a defective left crank arm, replaced the old original grips, and replaced the original stubby UNI for a UNI Turbo.  The blue is not original, but that's how I received it and it was well done.  The decals are OG (they were taped off for painting).  Specs ("CP" = (Current Production)):


-'87 ELF Junior Cruiser F/F (aka 'mini cruiser') 

-CP A'me Tri grips

-'86 CW Aluminum cruiser bars ('mini cruiser bars')

-'86 DK square corner aluminum quilled stem

-'86 Galli headset with Mongoose top nut

-'86 ARAYA 7C 24" x 1-3/8" rims, '86 GT race hubs (hollow axle, sealed cartridge bearings)

-24 x 1-3/8" tires

-'86 Shimano 333 chrome freewheel (17 tooth)

-'84 Sedis 3/32" masterlinkless (Sedis Sport) chain

-'86 Bullseye 1st generation cranks (178 mm)

-'86 Pro Neck chainwheel (39 tooth)

-'86 Hadley BB (I think it is Hadley)

-'86 Suntour XCII braceless pedals

~'86 UNI Turbo seat

-'86 Odessey 1st generation seat clamp

~'86 Dia Compe MX1000 brake calipers

-'86 Dia Compe Tech 3 lever

-'86 Terry Cable brake cable