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1992 ELF Doublecross 24

1992 ELF Doublecross 24

Just another re-do to my youth

Raced on of these at EHT NJ as a kid.  Prior to that I had a few others cool bikes all 20" but swapped up to a 24.

Build is not the same, this one has some modern parts, its pretty much an office hanger, im too big to ride it now lol.

1992 Frame and forkset, threaded 1"
Elf Blast Bars
Shimano headset
Profile Purple Neck
Elf Seat Clamp
1994 Profile Racing Crankset
Modern Purple Profile bottom bracket
Profile Chainring
Odyssey Pedals
Odysset 1999 Brake set
Elf re-pop Purple pad set
Elf re-pop Sticker set
Elf Zipback
Random eBay seat
KMC Oil Slick Chain
TNT Adjusters
Rhyno Lite 36H with Blackops hubs (I need to do better)

Submitted by Outtowinpahc