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Dirt Brothers Industries or D.B.I. (1990–2012)

Vic Murphy proving that rider owned is better!

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The DIRT BROTHERS was a company that Vic Murphy started in 1990 based out of San Diego, Ca. The DIRT BROS bought the remaining inventory of SKYWAY T/A's, put REDLINE taper forks on. Then restickered them and sold them as the DIRT BROS frameset.

Vic Murphy himself says "I started the company as a statement to all the corporate companies to tell them that riders are important in our sport, and to motivate other riders to start their own companies and change our sport so the riders have more control with what is going on. I am very pleased that the riders do have control of our sport now, because now bike riders can take over the world" The goal at Dirt Brothers is to have the best frames ever available in riding at an affordable price. Located in San Diego.

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