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1987 Diamond Back Strike Zone Mike Dominguez

1987 Diamond Back Strike Zone Mike Dominguez

Replica/Tribute bike as ridden by Woody Itson in the Vision Street Wear magazine ad of 1987

I remember seeing this Vision Street Wear ad back in 87 and it blew my mind. Woody's bike blew my mind! I remember that to me, it was just the coolest bike ever. The colors, the non conventional rear brake and the VSW decal on the stem cap....WOW!
I eventually put together a f/f set with parts from my Haro Master and I remember loving the bikes geometry and handling. Then I moved to a Bully and that was stolen in 1990/91 and it pretty much was the end of my riding days. Throughout the years though, if a VSW product or a freestyle picture or video popped in front of me, it would get my mind going and I always went back to this ad...seared in my brain, I always remembered it in detail...and the bike.
Some 3 years ago I decided to start collecting parts to build a replica and here it is!
It's built mainly based on the one in the ad, but I used the seat post option from Woody's bike check on American Freestyler from October 87. Woody suggested using a Robinson seat post as the SST one is completely out of range for me. One detail I couldn't replicate is the freestyle cages on the pedals, I've been looking for a set for years and no luck yet. I asked JDB, never got a reply. Down the road I need to get a real Hutch Woody Itson handlebar, but for now, this one is perfect. Anyway, I love the way it turned out. Just like with my 87 CW Ceppie Maes Replica, I tried to replicate all the details found in the original bikes. This Diamond Back has a few cool ones like the cable clamps, the grip tape, seat guts, down tube decal position, etc.
My good friend Kris (KrisH) did a fantastic job painting the f/f, bars and levers. I think the color is spot on!
One thing I didn't catch when choosing the frame is that Woody is riding an 86 model with no cable guides welded on. I picked up an 87 with a cable guide missing....and went with it. My frame didn't have a chain guard tab either, Woody's did. 
Well, I hope you guys enjoy it!

Bike Check 

Frame: 1987 Diamond Back Strike Zone Mike Dominguez - restored 
Forks:  1987 Diamond Back Strike Zone Mike Dominguez - restored
Decal set: Ultra Hive
Handlebars: 1988 Diamond Back Strike Zone Woody Itson Bars -restored
Grips: NOS 80s Pink A'ME TRI 
Stem: ACS Rotor 55 Slant - restored
Headset: Tioga Quick Adjust - original finish
Detangler: ACS Pro Rotor - original finish
Brake levers: Dia Campe Tech 7 - restored
Front brake: NOS ACS Tangent 860
Rear Brake: NOS ACS Tangent 860
Front Brake cable: NOS ACS Tangent White cable
Rear Brake cable: NOS ACS Tangent White cable 
Seat post: Robinson Laidback chromoly - original finish
Seat: Viscount Dominator - original finish 
Seat clamp: Diamond Back - restored
Bottom bracket: Tioga standard BB - original finish
Cranks: Redline Flight 401 180mm - original finish
Sprocket: Redline Flight 43t - restored
Chain: KMC - brand new
Pedals: Hutch Pro Pedal bodies (polished by me), JDB cages, YFS cage screws, Original spindle screws
Front Wheel: NOS ACS Z 48 w/ACS hub
Rear Wheel: NOS ACS Z 48 w/Suntour Freecoaster
Rear pegs: "Neal Pegs" By Ultra Werks
Freewheel: ACS Suntour Freecoaster 16t
Tires: GT 20x1.75 - show mounted before I purchased them

Submitted by racer155

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Diamond Back
  • Model: Strike Zone
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 76
  • Seattube angle: 75
  • Toptube length: 18.75
  • Headtube size: 1"