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1983 CW Racing Phaze 1

1983 CW Racing Phaze 1

Attic find, acid bath, budget built, given to back to owner after not seeing it for 22/23 years. Then refurbished, re-chrome by CW, parted in coordination with Bullseye.

Friend gave me his childhood bike in the mid/late 80's after hounding him that I always wanted a Phaze 1, well ridden condition but sound. Rode for a bit then stored in parents attic around 1989. Rediscovered early 2010 (Image 4), decided to build it. F/F to Citric Acid, dropouts straightened, chrome polished, equipped with period correct parts on a budget (Image 3). Contacted original owner/friend after loosing touch for about 10 years, let him know I'd be passing through (300 miles away) and would stop by the following day - just before Christmas 2010. Of course he got it back, it's his childhood bike. Great stories from that day and onward. Well worth it. By the way, his response was exactly what you would expect if someone gave back your Phaze 1 from childhood. Most parts were sourced from members here. Many thanks to those guys for the parts and knowledge. Many, many thanks to Old School Ian at Mike's Bikes on Folly Road for most things mechanical I couldn't figure out here. ************************************************************************************************************************** Update (Image 1 & 2): Phaze 1 had a full "body-off" restoration, re-chromed by CW. Friend contacted Bullseye with questions at some point, one thing led to another, Bullseye expressed interest in the story. As a result, we have a resto-mod Phaze 1. Bullseye everything, note "G1-2012" edition Bullseye cranks. NOS: tuf-neck sprocket, Araya 7x, Hatta, and Elina. Re-chromed CW Standard bars, Repop pads and B1Bs added. New school chain and freewheel pictured.
  • Race
  • Company: CW Racing
  • Model: Phaze 1
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Original Budget Restore (Image 3): CW Pro bars (OG), Oakley F-1 (NOS), Tuff Neck clamp & square patent pending stem, CW seat post (new), MX seat, Maxy Cross 170, SR pedals, DC MX-1000, ACS/Z-Rim wheelset, Comp III's, pads (OG).