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1980 Blue Max

1980 Blue Max

Blue max by BMX products

I bought this out in Auburn California at this awesome bike store which was more like a flash back to the eighties. Frame only and built with parts I had off a spare rider. Nothing special just a cool rider. ***UPDATED***

Blue Max update. So many updates since I posted this bike the first time. Last photo is the before shot.

83 frame

Tange forks

7x style gold anodized rims

Sealed high flange

Blue nipples with stainless spokes BMX Guru.

Team schwinn 170 mm 3 piece cranks.

Re-pop MKS 9/16 pedals BMX Guru.

Lee Chi gold anodized rear brake.

Pork chop re-pop seat clamp.

Pork chop gold 7/8 post.

BMX products 81 blue max sticker set.

Tange gold anodized sealed 320 headset Pork chop.

Ruf neck blue anodized quill stem Knight BMX co.

Viscount seat.

Dia Compe brake cable clamps.

Pork chop transparent blue brake cable.

Pork chop blue nickel chain. Yaban S410 BMX chain 1/2" X 1/8" 112L NICKEL inner / BLUE outer.

Custom painted valve stem caps.

BMX guru Cheng Shin re- pop snake belly skin wall 20x2.125 tires.

Submitted by Ghastly

  • Race
  • Company: Blue Max
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Elcheapo black pyramid bars, Tange chrome forks, Fluted 7/8 post, used viscount seat, black odyssey RX2 seat clamp, crazy wide white wall tires, sugino 44t chain wheel with aluminum chain ring bolts and a tuf neck aluminum power disc, black redline grips. Mini DK stem, No name black H style fork mags copyright 1978.