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Ashtabula (1975–1985)

early company that made stems, cranks and even a frame.

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Ashtabula was a part of the Ashtabula Steel & Foundry Co., from Ashtabula Ohio.

Ashtabula is a native American word meaning "river of many fish." Ashtabula
parts were found on alot of Mongoose & Schwinn BMX Bikes in the 70's. The
factory was located in Ashtabula, Ohio on Route 20 also known as Prospect
Ave. Part of the Factory is still standing but much of it has been torn
down. When I was in there as a kid we found crates & crates of bikes
parts, unfinished parts, technical drawings and even prototypes for
different things. These things are long gone due to many "suspicious" fires
& multiple owners. I don't know much more than that. The last time I was
home I was cleaning out my own warehouse & I took some stuff to the local
scrapyard & I found a bike there with Ashtabula cranks & an Ashtabula
stem...So anyway the stuff is still around. Sorry I can't be of further
Take care -Ryan Humphrey