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In 1977 John bought the Turramurra Cycle Centre to commence his own business as a bicycle retailer, However, many of the friends he had made in the bicycle industry had suggested that some form of retailer group was most necessary and suggested he should be the man to start it.

So in 1978 WoW group commence its existence with John importing Apollo Bicycles exclusively for its members. At Apollo Bicycles Co. he also does all of the advertising and promotional planning and co-ordinating for the group.
All Apollo Bicycles, colours and decals ect. are designed by John and in consultation of the group members and its needs of the market place, variations are made to ultimately finish up with a well balanced range of quality Bicycles designed by experts to meet the needs of the public.

John Carroll's business doesn't just handle Apollo, Kuwahara brand is also a large part of the business, for a whole lot of other reasons he also handles the American JMC (Jim Melton Cycles) brand of frames and parts.

Taken from BMX Pancake Magazine 1983 Issue 11:
One of the smallest factory Team in Australia is Apollo, a close knit unit operating from the leafy northern suburb Sydney suburb of Gordon. Owned by former Racing cyclist, John Carroll, with operational and sales assistance from his son, Rogan, together with a small supportive staff. Apollo Cycles is the founder and management arm of the World Of Wheels (WoW) group of specialist dealers - the bike shop chain with over 70 outlets from Cains to Tasmania.

The Apollo Factory team riders:

Essentially, its three factory riders each of who are supported by a WoW dealer. 

Christine Twomey, 16, who rides for (Sutherland Cycle Centre, NSW) No. 1 Australia
Jason Huckstepp, 13, No.1 Australia. 12 y/o class.
David Clark, 12, who rides for  (Champion Cycles, NSW) NSW #5.

The Bikes: Apollo main stable.
Mk 1 - a basic street bike, coaster (back pedal) brakes, carbon steel frame. RRP about $149.
Mk 2 - similar to the Mk 1, but features hand brakes, rear free wheel and alloy wheels. RRP about $195.
Mk 3 - the beginners racer, hand brakes, all alloy components. RRP $249.
Factory Bike (aka Apollo Team) - Tange CrMo frame designed by John Carroll with tapered tubes from the head and crank housings for added strength without the use of gussets. Alloy wheels, cotterless cranks , sealed bearing hubs, Considered excellent value at $399.

Other Bmx bike models produced for or by Apollo / WoW Group:
Scorpio, Indy 500, Apollo Kuwahara ET, Intrepid, Phantom, Hellfire, MX20.3,  MX20.1, Stunt King 20" & 16",  Apollo 16, Apache,  Hood Alley,  & Apollo Hallmark 26" cruiser.
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