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I will include it in the webpage and accumulate the complete history of each company or brand over time.

I do not know what your bike is "worth". I think that is really a personal matter anyway.

"Where do I find old school bmx bikes for sale?" Ebay is good place to start and several sites have classified ads.

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From approx. 1975 through today an amazing thing happened that involved bicycles, BMX or Bicycle Motocross.

The main focus of the site at first was just getting data on all the BMX bikes ever made.

Now we have over 57,000 bmx style bikes in the database, along with pictures on any brand we can.

The site gathers information in an attempt to list all the bike companies Involved in Bicycle Motocross

A byproduct has been meeting great new people. As shown below, I have been riding since 1969.